RnD Group (“RnD” or “We”) treat privacy questions with all responsibility. We provide this Privacy Policy to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information we receive from users of our "Kidix" app. This Policy doesn't apply to the activity of companies, staff and third parties which are not held by the "RnD Group".


Web-site Kidix.netwas developed for users familirization with the Product (hereinafter "Kidix - Parental control") - Android launcher with safe environment for children, mobile technologies, applications, games and other family content. Our application is a tool wich allows children to run and use third-party developers applications, safely and easy find suitable information and to exercise parental control as well. Please take into consideration that the functionality of the parental control could be different (or could not be presented) in various versions of the Product and also could be available as user paid service provided on the subscription.

This Privacy Policy and methods of information processes are found to conform to COPPA (United States Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).We are not going to gather and store intended personal information recived from the children under 13 y.o. without permisson of their parents. If we decide that we get In case of receiving such information from the child (without parents permission or in other cases stipulated by law) we will delete that data as soon as possible.

"Kidix" is not required direct child involvement in personal information transfering, except cases when the information is given by parents and is required for the application usage. By using "Kididx" You give the permission to collect, process and reveal personalized and nonpersonalized information about You or your children for that purposes and by those methodes, which are described in this Privacy Policy.

1. What kinds of information do we collect?

Personal data - is personal identifyee information received online. If we combine personalized and nonpersonalized data we examine the unified information as personal to the extent that its individulal accessory could be terminated to the specific user.

"Kidix" could collect following types of information that is received when parents download, install, make settings and use the Product:

  1. Parent E-mail address
  2. Password (stored on the server in the encrypted format)
  3. Name, gendre and age of a child (given by parents)
  4. List of the installed applications (to provide an opportunity for a parent to permit or to block the launching of any application)

In case of necessity of any additional personal information we will pre-ask for the permission of parents if it requires by the law. All received information is stored locally on Your device and on our servers, it couldn't be transfered to the third parties. We use this information exclusively for internal diagnostic, optimisation of the Product and related external services (such as reporting about the usage of device to parents).

The Product uses the e-mail address of a parent and/or other given e-mail address for sending a greeting messages, reminder messages and/or changing password messages or for other objectives described in this Privacy Policy. If you don't want to give us your e-mail address or any other information described in this Privacy Policy you are not allowed to use the Product. If you want to cancel further collecting of information related to usage of the Product on your device just delete the Product. With your permission, (according to this Privacy Policy) we also have a right to use the parental e-mail address for sending information or advertising messages about "Kidix" and related products. You can decline the recieving of such messages anytime contucting the support service via support@kidix.netWe can also collect the e-mail addresses and names of parents, other personal information during the feedback form request (on a one-time basis) to react on the particular query.

Information about child name, age and gendre allows "Kidix" to customize the usage of device for every kid, including the instant access to the third-party applications and content suitable for a child.

To provide the opportunity of customization and parental controll we also collect the information about third-party applications installed at the device.

Nonpersonalized data - is the information about software, device or browser that are used. In addition to the personal information that we are gathering in our Product or which is provided by the parent, we also collect the nonpersonalized information about users and how do they interact with our Product. In cases of necessity nonpersonalized information could contain the name of the mobile network operator, brand or model of the mobile device as well as standart data which is sending by your browser or mobile phone (mobile browser, type of the device and its specification, language and software data etc.). We also collect nonpersonalized information about the usage of our Product, such as usable functions usage, its frequency, clicks on the objects, viewed layouts and other actions to identify and analyse how do users exploit "Kidix". Such nonpersonalized information could be transfered to the third parties if it is required by the law or legal claim.

Potentially personal data - is the information that doesn’t unambiguously identify person but could be used for the user identification in combination with other information. For example, URL and IP-addresses, device or other constant identificators which could contain personal information linked with outputs of mobile network operator and/or Internet provider. We collect, process and store such information only to provide users support and quality improvement of the product according to the COPPA.

2. How do we use, store and reveal collected information?

We are using different kinds of the information to analyse tendencies and perspectives of the project progress, administration, functions update (upgrade) and also to aggregate the demographic information about users. We use such information to separate and match child suitable content as well. Collected information could be transfered to third parties by order of the court. All actions related to the information processing are carrying only within the company by authorized staff using internal security and accessibility activities. We use nonpersonalized and potentially personal data to improve users experience quality of the Product and to provide feedback as well. Personal data and any other private information that we are gathering is stored in our databese and it is collected and used according to the current laws and rules. We don’t reveal, make available, sell or distribute by any other ways your personal information to third parties without your written consent.

Such information could be given only under two exceptional circumstances:

  1. If such information is demanded according to the law in order to prevent or investigate illegal activity or to assume measures concerning to it, in situations of the security, life or health threat, or in situations related to suspecting of swindling or this terms use infringement by the particular person. Besides, we are going to give such information in response to legal claim, legal process, judicial decree or in case of legal proceedings for our legal rights establishment.
  2. we make a decision to merge or acquire any businesses or to transfer our assets in any other way before the personal information transition and becoming a subject of another Privacy Policy, we will inform you by the e-mail or by posting a notification about the Product.

Furthermore we use nonpersonalized data for internal tasks such as testing and improving users experiense by means of, for example, deleting infrequent functional of the Product, developing new titles and services, updating the whole Product, improving security level and for another purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

We also collect the users demographic information and the Product usage data in aggregate or anonymous form in order to hide or remove any public information that allows to identify user personality.

Information exchange with third parties

This Privacy Policy covers only the information collected online throughout the Product and can not be applied to other web-services, applications and resources. The Product could contain variety of signs, shortcuts or links to exterior applications, web-sites and services provided by thierd parties which are not controlled by Us or don’t belong to Us. Regardless of the fact that our Product allows to limit users data collection by third parties while using exterior applications , we don’t bear responsiblity for gathering and using these kins of information or for the Privacy Policy of the third parties.

We also do not held responsibility for the Privacy Policy of another web-sites, applications and services related with our Product and web-site Kidix.net.We recommend you to find out more about the third parties Privacy Policy before linking to their web-sites and using their applications or information that can be accessed throughout our Product.

We can occasionally decide to use a more effective exterior service for realization of certain software related to the Product. If we are going to use third parties services for implementation of certain functions (for example to handle payments or mailout for parents on our behalf) it is possible that the information will be used in consort with third parties if it is required for performing that functions. We permit to use the information to the third-party organisations except for particular services supply.

Our Product could be mentioned by third parties, exterior web-sites and services. Actual Privacy Policy could no be applied to those parts and doesn't provide accordance of the Product to information announced by third parties. "RnD Group" does not held responsibility and has no concern with any changes in Privacy Policy of the third partners or exteriors organisations somehow related to the Product. You should review an individual Privacy Policy of each product or service by yourself to know full related terms of use. "RnD Group" doesn't provide any information to any unconfirmed outsourced companies related to the Product. Finally, our Product could use different functions for the information sending, access and exchage. Please be aware that any personal information that you reveal of your own free will could be seen and probably used by other users and this can have an unpredictable effect.

Whenever the Law so request we will realize the supplimentary measures of add-on security before allowing children access to the certain functions.


Safety of your personal data is very important to Us. We take all obligate measures of physical, electronic and organizational security to prevent improper access, to provide data safety and proper information collection. Moreover you need to understand that there is no any 100% safe way to transmit the information or to protect data from unauthorized interception via Internet.

Information analysis

Information analisis for the Product quality improvement is provided by Google Analytics service (Google Inc.). Google Analytics is a web-service for analyzing data presented by Google Inc. (hareinafter Google) Google handles gathered data and generates reports about Product aplliance of that information to another Google services. Google could use collected information for contextualisation and customization of the advertising inside the internal advertising network. Place of processing:USA - Google privacy policy.

Users data deleting/updating

You can contact us anytime to review your storing personal information. Contact us via support@kidix.net

3. Beginning of the Privacy Policy

Starting usage Kidix you are giving a permission to collect, process and reveal your information in all possible ways discribed in this Privacy Policy. Usage of the Product and any information received through the Product is tthis Privacy Policy subject.

Recent version of this Privacy Policy becomes effective from the moment of the last redaction that is described beyond. We reserve the right to introduce amendments to the Privacy Policy at our own discretion. We will inform the users of Kidix about such amendments with the placement of the new Privacy Policy on the official site of the Product. According to the law we are not going to use users personal information in any manner that essentiually differs from the described one without any notification and recieving a preliminary permission to perform such actions. If any changes will affect the processin of the personal child information (which we don’t get from the children themselfs) we send corresponding request to a parent.

Please pay your attention to the fact that you are liable for changing/updating of your personal information. If the latest given e-mail address does not function or can not receive notifications described above at any other reason, all responsibility for non delivery and failure to provide the parental information is on you.

4. Statutory compliance

This Privacy Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation and COPPA. Terms and methods of the personal information collecting, processing and revealing are found to conform to the Russian Federation Federal Law № 152-FL "Personal Data". N 152-ФЗ "О персональных данных".All concomitant legal disputes and suits appeared during the abidance of the Privacy Policy or in case of its breach are within the jurisdiction of law courts of the Russian Federation.

5. Feedback

If you have any questions or you want to leave a comment about our Privacy Policy please contact us via e-mail: support@kidix.netYou can be sure that all personal information given via this e-mail will not be used for sending advertisment materials unless you demand it by yourself.

Date of entry into force: 1st of July 2016